Today Chili was better, the swollen part of the neck was less, he was still stiff and he is still recovering. The vet told us to move him in walk and then I thought it was a good idea to work on our communication. So today was our very first time that I tried to communicate from the back without reins. The first step is to have Chili to follow me from the ground ofcourse, that is already achieved. So I started with this today as well. Then I almost always want him to give me his neck, but not today as he is stiff in his body. So I jumped on, the first focus is then for Chili to stand still and accept that I move around and jump on and off. He was a star and it went so good. The next step was for him to move in walk and isten to my weight and voice. Also here he is a natural, amazing pony! I really love this pony. Today was the first time I am writing on English for the blog.


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