My Chili is amazing

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I am so lucky to have this fantastic pony. He is unique and the feeling when I ride him is magic. Our connection grows stronger and stronger every day and with the knowledge that we have just started our journey this feels amazing. He calls when I come to the stable and he loves when I take care off him. The love for this pony is endless. Now we have focused a few days in the indoor facility and he is making an amazing progress each day. Now it is time for him to be ridden outside for a few days and also to work without rider. I think It is important to have variation over the week, both with regards to the ground material as well as to what we do with him. Soon we will also start to make some jumping and I am actually looking forward to this. I do not have such a good track record from jumping… But I feel that the bond that I have with Chili makes a good base to try this on. Then I need some new jumping equipment, saddle pads, bridle and so on. There are many good bridles for jumping, but there is a lot to choose between, what do you use? I am thinking about a High Jump or a Jump Off from PSof Sweden. They combine the functionality and design that I am looking for.

By the way have you seen the lovely collection just released from PS of Sweden. Ít makes the autumn lighter and brighter. I really love the boldess in the red and the Design. The combination of Design, functionality and innovation appeals me. My kind of outfit.

Today it was environmental training for Chili outdoor dispate the storm that is ongoing. It can be windy on a competetion as well so it is good if he can tolerate some wind!


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