My Development with Chili


In July when I started to ride Chili he lowered his back and adjusted with higher leg movements. It was then important to get him to find his balance and to get his back up. Only Chili can determine the right balance for himself at any stage of his education.That is why the form of Chili in balance will look different over time.

So I worked to have him to understand that he should move forward and raise his back up towards me. In October I felt that I had achieved the Objective to get him to search forward and lower his nose, thus raising his back. I continued the work in a new position for balance and he built his muscles. In December he could continue to keep is back upwards and also get his head more in balance, not leaning so much on his front, getting him better up on his hindlegs.

Now In February I can get him to find the balance and be self carried also setting his hindlegs under and lifting his back, he takes a very good grip on the bit and really connects in the riding.

One way to see how Chilis focus towards me and my riding has increased over time is to look at his ears. As you can see at the picture from July he has his ears forward, not so much focusing at me, in October ha has still the ears forward, but a bit more focused towards me, in December one ear on me and one ear forward. Now in February he is fully focused at me and my riding, he has a total trust for me and the love between us has grown so strong. The bound gets stronger and stronger each day.

I am convinced that the trust and love is the basics of any further training and development. The communication must be light and trained to be as electric as possible, momentan and direct. Chili feels when I flie lands on him, if harser helps is needed, such as spurs and whip to get through then the basic communication needs to be improved. I sometime use the whip and  the spurs for Chili to get used to them and to help if I need to get him as electric as possible, but I can only touch him light as a fly, nothing more is needed.

I spend a lot of time to train Chili from the ground. He needs to play a bit and get the energy out, but then he actually chooses to listen, I can trot, canter, stop, start and turn him  on a circle and he chooses to stay with me, to follow me I have earned his trust. That is anamazing feeling, it warms my heart up and gives me the greatest feeling ever.It si difficult to describe it.

The experience I gain to educate a young horse and to get the insight of how to build the bound and connection is unvaluable for me, I am so greatful to be able to do this journey.

Just Love My Chili

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