72,167% First Dressage Competetion

1_Me and Chili in the middle of the program

2After the finishing halt

väntarAfter the riding waiting for the result, exciting

So, today it was time. Chili and my first dressage competition. It is a special competition called ”seriedressyren” It is in three different series, LC, LB and LA series, the special thing is that horses and ponies starts against each other in the same class. I started in the LC serie and the finals is within three weeks from now.

It has been a superday and I feel so proud over my Chili.

I will take you through the full day, we arrived in the stable at around 08 in the morning, I started to pack the car and make everything ready in the stable, then I took Chili and started to groom him, I washed his hindlegs and tail, I groomed him well and made his mane in order. Then we left the stable around 10am. We arrived at the competetion and I have a special routine that I make at each competetion. First we show the vaccination and we report ourself in the secretariat.

Then I like to go and view the course, both the competetion course as well as the warm up arena.

I sit down, memorising the program and I visualize myself and Chili, I think through every part of the program, feeling what will be the difficulties as I rund through, prepare and plan for how I should ride and show him the best.

Then I go down to Chili and we make him in order and go to the warm-up arena, I always walk with Chili myslef and talk to him a bit, we reason and discuss and agree. I checked that he listen to me from the ground, walk, stop, turn, check that his focus is at me. Then I jump on and I actually, make the warm-up plan pending on how Chili feels, I have a checklist that I have planned before, but I am taking it in different orders depending on how he feels. You can say I make the plan together with Chili. Today he was hot, hotter than ever and he needed to start with the trot and canter to get some energy out. He bucked and jumped a bit as he needed to release the pressure, Chili would never be mean or try to but me out of balance, he needs to be able to do that.

I feel how I should ride Chili, each part of the way. The important thing for me is to have good time for the warm-up and instead put in walks often.

Then it was my turn and I could feel the pulse go up, and the judge gave us start signal and then it is like all my nervousness just gets blown away and I am just there, just in each moment and all things that is sourrounding the arena, the people at the stand, the noices, the judge it fades out. I am there with Chili and that is my focus, each part of the program, each step, I can feel his heartbeats, his rhythm his beat, his pace, what he can handle how I can manage. The feeling is absolutely amazing. I made quite some mistakes though, I have soo much I can improve. But I am so happy with our performance today, now I will check the films and analyze what I can improve even further.

It felt good, but you never know, It was hars competetion and I had seen many of them at the warmup arena. I now it would be tough. I walked with Chili at the warp up arena, took the phone and the result started to come in and I got 72,167% and up in the lead. I managed to keep the lead and I ended up with the best % of all during the whole day all series, classes and categories.

After the price giving ceremony we went home and groomed Chili and took care of him, he is the best pony ever.It is a special feeling to know that it isjust us as a team, starting from scratch that has built this together. I believe in Chili!

I am so happy, so proud and I got a receipt that my way of training Chili is the right one, I am so greatful for my whole team!

Amazing feeling!

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