Getting used to Competetion-for Chili

IMG_2599 IMG_2612 IMG_2679This weekend was the finals in the seriedressage. I was in lead in front of the finals, but that did not change my plan. It was debut in a more difficult program and my fosuc and priority fo the day was that first Chili should feel confident in himself, not pushed, not feeling pressure from me. For me it is about cooperation, understanding and communication. I let Chili find his own balance, I ride him so that I try to never push more that he can take and performe easily.

When I make the canter start I release the weight a bit, to let him lift his back up towards me, to do that I take my innerhip forward, but I also become alittle bit lighter in my inner hip. This works fine with Chili in the stage we are now.

For me I want Chili to be electric for my aids, also I want him to carry himself in the balance and form that he is comfortable with.

So how did it goo. Well I got 4:th out of 19 starts in the class. We had a score over 67%. Chili did exactly what I wanted him to do, we have a lot to improve, he needs to become more steady and collected. But this ride was exactly accoring to my plan, it was calm, he felt relaxed and more importantly he trusted me. I do not need to force Chili to do what I want, he wants to do it, that feeling is better that anything else.

In the finals I cane 3:rd placed and only 0,6% from the win, so it was extremly tight.

So happy with Chili, he is just amazing!




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