Educating a youngster not always tailwind

So yesterday it was dressage training and it became evident that we have run into our first real headwind with Chilis education. Since I bought Chili it has been a tailwind journey when it comes to the riding. We have built trust and cooperation. We have trained according to the modell. Now lately it has been time not only to ask but to require that he gets his hindlegs in, he bends and he obeys, he has built muscles and got much stronger. What is happening now is that we to come to next level need to push a bit and when Chili gets tired he feels that it is not comfortable he uses the fact that I base my riding on the trust that we have built up. He has never gotten thru and understood the next step, because he has never been there. So he is kicking towards my aids and he is trying to get away from work with using the head up methodology. If you dont know what that is, no problem I did not either. But when Chili do not undertsand he gets frustrated and he puts his head high up, so I can see his nose and then he trots off. Well it is quite nice get way methods that he uses. He is a nice horse, but I beleive that if you push, you need to know that you have the ability to take it through and guide the pony/horse until they understand what you want to achieve with the push. Here I feel that I should not do this part as I am 13 years old and I have never done this part of the jpurney with another horse. It would not be fair to Chili to do that. So I will get help to take this phase thru. There are two alternativs that we are discussing with my trainer. One is to send him to bootcamp, so that he gets a couple weeks education from proffesionals off stable so to say. The other alternative is to use a skilled rider that has done this work many times before and knows how to guide Chili, and to do that on stable so to say.

I see this as a normal part of an education and as we are building for the future we need to make this as easy for Chili as possible. From my perspective a key to be able to educate a youngster is to feel when you need more help. Here I have a fantastic support with my trainer.

So, problems are made to be solved, performance is built on hard work and patience in combination with experience, if you lack someting, make sure to add it!



Accuhorsemat, does it really work?

That Chili enjoys the usage of accuhorsemat products is clear, he loves it. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if a product really works, if it really makes a difference. I have noticed that Chili has been very relaxed with me in the riding since I started to use accuhorsemat. I have used it everyday since I got it. So has it really been working or would I have felt the same way without using it?

Well, I found out yesterdat that the best way to really know if accuhorsemat product works or not is to remove it one day. Well the day before yesterday I had the most amazing dressage training with Chili, he was soft, relaxed, he did perfect canterwork. Yeah ready for higher level at least. So yesterday I had a bit of a time constrain before riding as the arena was booked later. I then did not use the accuhorsemat and my God, it was crazy, what a difference, not to the better. It was unbelievable. He was stiff in his sides, he was unwilling to take his hindlegs with him fully. Even so much so I eventually jumped off got a long leadrope and longed him to see if he was clean and healthy, he was, but not the feeling that I have had lately. Today II made leadership excercises as well as longingin the paddock.



They are made to be together/De ska vara två


Yesterday we released Chili and Shiba together on the grass. They were soo happy, they cantered and bucked and jumped and canter some more before they started eating the grass. Chili has had the opportunity to get used to the grass during some weeks and eachday had a little bit more. It was so good to see them together, I beleive they should be together with other horses and that they will perform better that way, happy horse happy rider. There is always a risk of injures when releasing them togehter and on grass in a big paddock. So before I released them yesterday, and also today Chili got to have the accuhorsemat cover on. Then I know that I will be able to minimize the risk of damage to the muscles and that he will be warmed up. I also have the ps of Sweden boots on him as he has lost his left shoe a couple of times. Strangly enough they are the only ones that seems to work for that.

De ska vara två, jag är så glad att Chili och Shiba går tillsammans nu, igår släppte vi ihop dem och de var sååå lyckliga, det blev en hel del spring, så tur att jag hade haft på accuhorsemat täcket innan vi släppte ihop dem både igår och idag för att minimera skador. Då vet jag att blodcirkulationen har kommit igång ordentligt. Jag tror verkligen att de ska få vara tillsammans med andra hästar, att de blir lyckligare och lyckligare hästar ger lycklig ryttare och bra prestationer. Sedan så kommer jag inte att ha ute på nätterna för vi skall träna och tävla och då vill jag gärna ha honom inne under natten. Sedan så har vi så mycket vildsvin och jag tror inte Chili och Shiba skulle uppskatta det sällskapet.

Chilis birthday and accuhorsemat 30min usage!

Yesterday, 7 years ago, you were born, a little red beautiful foal was borned, I wish I could have been there, seen you when you first stood up, seen your long legs. You were blessed to be born in a home filled with love and caring, it is what has built the foundation for the trust in humans and the mental stability that you have. I am so glad that I have the good connection with your Breeders and your full history record. It makes me feel confident and I can contact hyour Breeder when I have questions about you and your preferences.

You are neighing, when I come to the stable, if you are in the paddock or in the stable does not matter, we you neigh it goes right into my heart and I get all warm. I love you, unconditionally, I believe in you. I know your qualities and I am soo happy that I got the opportunity to have you as mine. You always try your best. You always want to perform, you have a lot of nerve and you do not like racingcyclist, you like freedom, not being tied up, but you handle that responsibility with golden stars. You always hold the leadrope in your mouth when we are walking, you show that you prefer me, with mum and dad you can discusse more, when others ride you, you do not really approve, but with me you show with all your heart that you appriciate it as much as I do, ofcourse we have disagreements and you are stronger now and put me through some bucking sometimes, but that is part of our journey, it is part of educating a youngster with high potential…. I have choosen you, you have choosen me. I train you with the philosophy that you should find the training fun, I do not use spurs, whip and hard aids to get you to perform, I use the patience, the trust. We will perform, we will reach our objective, because the bond we have is magic. You come when I call, you follow me like a dog, and I feel the full trust between us. It is once in a lifetime that you can find your soulmate, Chili is mine and our journey has just begun. We have the patience, the trust, the believe and one day Chili, we will rock the big arenas, together as the team we are we will enjoy every minute of this journey. For me it is not hard work, for me it is a pleasure.

So how did Chili get his name, Eagle red Chili, well  there was an eagle that circle above his barn the night he was born and the full day after, as if it was keeping an eye on him, he was borned shining red from the beginning, and so the name was decided, Eagle Red Chili.

It is not about getting you to do what I want, it is to get us to do it becasue we want to as a team. We are stronger together. We will celebrate many birthdays together, my beautiful Chili.

We had dressage training yesterday and both myself and Chili got to work hard, we have started to collect him more now, and he thinks it is a bit harder and then he is bucking a bit, but it just when he looses his balance and when he get tired. When he is doing that, I just calmly come down in tror or walk, find the balance and make the excersise once more, he will get it. I never punish him, never, I work with positive aids and means.

Today myself and Chili had muscle fever and soreness from the training yesterday, so he got the accuhorsemat on for 30 minutes. He was a bit stiff in his muscles before and after he was relaxed throughout the back, it is really amazing actually, I wishedI would have had some accuhorsemat to my soar muscles (-:

After that we took a walk outdorr to get the muscles moving a bit, then he got his food and we were ready for today.

Love to you all!

Competition reflection and accuhorsemat update /tävlingsreflektion and accuhorsemat täcket

AE76E4BD-D453-4B27-AC2C-155A1CD91E8B DB35D7D1-8FBE-4851-BB61-746FAFD29BADCompetition reflection & accuhorsemat update

Accuhorsemat Update

I am so impressed with this product, I have used the hindquarter acupressur mat for a few days(not on the day of competetion as it was not allowed). Chili has reacted very good and got relaxed and I have felt that he has been able to focus from the beginning of the training. He gets really loose and can move much bigger as well. Today it was time to try the whole cover with the front mats as well. I gently put on the hindquarter mat and then the front part of the cover. I then pulled the cover carefully towards the hindquarter mat and put it into place. Chili was perfect with that as always, he really trusts me and know I want the best for him. I let the cover be on for 15 minutes today as it was the first time. The biggest difference in the riding today was the feeling in Chilis mouth, which is a direct reuslt of more relaxed back and more active hindlegs. I did not expect the difference to be this big and that I could be able to feel it so strongly. I am so lucky to get to try this product out. I think a cooler cover would be good to have during the warmer periods if the cover should be on for longer period. So the best ever grading for accuhorsemat!

Reflections from the competetion:

The day after competition Chili always get a day off, he gets to go on the grass and just relax. I think it is important for him to get the time to recover. I have thought about what was good and what I can improve next time when I will go to a competition.

What was good: Chili of course, Chili is always fantastic. The time for preparation was good, the warm-up arena was good. How I warmed him up was good. Trot, walk and transitions was good.

What I would like to improve: Well everything can be improved, I did not get 10 on anything (-:. But next time I will not let him think so much when we get into the arena, I will take the lead immediately and start the canter before my signal is given. If I am a good leader Chili will follow me and not get so tense.

Tomorrow I have the training with my dressage trainer and then she will review the video and protocoll and give me more feedback.


Accuhorsemat uppdatering: Jag är så imponerad över resultatet av accuhorsemat täcket, jag har använd länd delen i npgra dagar och kännt att Chili har haft lättare att aktivera sin rygg och att han är mer rörlig i sidorna. Idag var det dags att prova hela täcket. Först satte jag på bogplattorna och spände täcket fram, sedan la jag på ländtäckes delen och drog försiktigt över täcket och spände fast det. Chili fick ha det i 15 min för det var första gånger han hade hela täcket. Största skillnaden var att Chili var mycket mer framme redan vid start av ridningen, lösgjord lite ifrån start. Han var jättefin i munnen och det är ett resultat av att han arbetar med ryggen och aktiva bakben. Jag trodde inte att jag skulle känna så här stor skillnad så här fort. Det är så coolt. Jag är så glad att just jag får vara profilryttare och testa denna produkten. Jag tror att ett Coolertäcke är bra att använda när det blir så varmt som det är nu. Det är så bra att det finns olika täcken oxå! Guldstjärna till Chili och bästa omdömet till accuhorsemat!

Reflektioner ifrån tävlingen:

Dagen efter tävling så får Chili vila helt, han får gå i hagen som vanligt och han får beta gräs, men vila helt. Jag gör alltid så och jag tror det är bra för både hans kropp och hans huvud. Jag har funderat på vad jag kan förbättra och vad som var bra så att jag kan ta det med mig till nästa tävling:

Bra: Chili såklart, Chili är alltid fantastisk. Jag hade god tid på mig, kunde lägga in skritt pauser och kunde värma upp ordentligt. Upplägget på framridningen var bra. Övergångar skritt trav och halt var bra.

Att förbättra: Ja, egentligen allt för jag fick inte 10 på något (-:. Men jag tror att jag var lite avvaktande inne på banan och lät honom fundera för mycket. Jag skulle behöva ta kommandot och direkt rida och visa vägen som en bra ledare. Inte låta Chili titta så mycket. Så tror jag att jag ska ta en galopp innan start nästa gång.

Imordong har ja träning för Tora och då kommer hon att kika på ritten och protokollet och kunna ge mig massor med feedback.



Dagen före tävling- Dag 1 med accuhorsemat/The day before competetion-Day one withaccuhorsemat

D861E989-7D0F-4BF6-8161-45EC389E0C8B 0299EC3E-1D5E-4717-A0A7-B33047379624 282B3C4D-2EB2-4FFA-A63A-0B5897A526DD

Idag var även första dagen som jag använde accuhorsematplattan på riktigt. Chili fick prova på ländplattan ifrån accuhorsemat igår, men det var bara en kort stund. Det är viktigt att ta det försiktigt så att de hinner vänja sig. Idag la jag på den efter jag hade borstat och medan jag pysslade iordning. Efter bara ett par minuter så ställde sig Chili och slickade och tuggade och sedan somnade han nästan, han blev verkligen helt avslappnad. Han fick ha den i 10-15 minuter. Det var så häftigt att se hur avslappnad han blev!

Dagen innan tävling så rider jag lösgörande. Det kändes inte riktigt lika bra som på träningen för Tora i tisdags. Det är magiskt att träna för Tora, hon vet precis vad man skall göra hela tiden. Det är som om hon kan känna hur det känns när man sitter på. Jag hade velat ha henne med mig varje dag när jag rider. Nu har jag planen klar för ridningen på framridningen imorgon. Vi ska åka i god tid så att vi hinner!


Today was the first time I really used the hindquarter acupressure mat, yesterday he got to try it very quickly. It is important to introduce it very carefully. Today Chili had it on for 10-15 minutes and the result was amazing. Only after a few minutes he started to lick and chew and he closed his eyes and I could see he was so comfortable, he fell a sleep, he enjoyed it in a way I did not think was possible. I never had expected such an impact. Amazing!

The day before the competetion I jogg and concentrate to make him loose in the sides. It was not the best training, not as good as with Tora, with Tora it is magic. i would like to have her with me on every training. I have planned my riding for tomorrow and we will make sure to leave in time so that we will not be late for the competition.

Teamrider for Accuhorsemat/Profilryttare för Accuhorsemat(Svenska längst ner)

Teamrider for Accuhorsemat:

I am proud to announce that I have been selected as teamrider for Accuhorsemat. I am so thrilled for this opportunity. I have looked for quite some time on alternatives for relaxing and pain relief that can be easily used when needed. It become evident when Chili and I hade the accident a few weeks back, he became very tense in his muscles, but no equitherapist or masseur had the time to come on a Sunday.

I then realized that I need something that I can use that is easy accessible and that I should be able to use it when Chili needs it. When using equitherapist and educated masseur I need to either book well in advance or go to a specific place(also to be booked well in advance). By default you do not always get the treatment when needed, it gets to be when planned. I think both thoose alternatives are very good but it is not easy accessible. I always put Chilis wellbeing and health in focus. Also as Chili is in the beginning of his education he do need the help to get soft and warm before riding and after trainings to get the muscles to relax and get in the right mood for work. Now I can’t wait to test the products and evaluate the results. You will be able to follow me and my trials with the products. From first use and the result that I can see.

Team Accuhorsemat and Sanna thank you soo much for this opportunity!

Profilryttare för Accuhorsemat:

Jag är så stolt att kunna meddela att jag kommer att bli profilryttare åt Accuhorsemat. Det känns overkligt att kunna få denna möjligheten!. Under en tid har jag funderat på lätt tillgängliga alternativ för att få hästen mjuk och avspänd innan ridning och att återhämta sig efter ridning. Speciellt så hade jag behovet efter olyckan för ett par veckor sedan när Chili blev setl i ryggen. Det var omöjligt att få tag på equiterapeut eller massör på en söndag och på dagarna direkt efteråt. Så är det ofta att man måste boka och det kanske inte är just då man behöver det som mest.

Jag insåg att jag ville ha något som kunde ge avslappning, uppvärmning och lätta på spänningar som man kunde ha hemma. Jag sätter alltid Chilis välbefinnande först, hans hälsa går först och i och med att han är i början av sin utbildning så kan det ta lite tid ibland innan han är uppvärmd och han kan bli spänd vid nya situationer. Att kunna ha samarbetet med Accuhorsemat ger mig möjligheten att säkerställa att han får det lite lättare. Det komer att bli såå roligt att testa produkterna och jag kommer att se till att Ni får följa med för att se resultaten.

Team Accuhorsemat och Sanna, Tack för denna möjligheten, det är så roligt att få vara med i Ert team!


Health, Fashion and riding – perfect match

Today we just took a light jogging as it was 27 degrees and sun so both Chili and myself were so warm. I have a plan for each week and I follow it closely, but even more important is how Chili feels and how he respons, which means that I replan quite often. We had a long dressage training for Tora tuesday and yesterday the tought was that he should go on the cantercourse however as he lost his shoe(a bit too happy to get out on the grass) we had to replan. Chilis health and wellbeing is always in my focus and I constantly strive to do what I can to ensure that he is staying healthy and happy!

Besides riding I need fashion, I just love to combine and match outfits to Chili and myself. Lucky me that I am ambassador for the Brand that makes the best combination of performance, functiona nd fashion, PS of Sweden. I have had the opportunity to test their equipment to horses for a while and Chili just loves the High jump revolution Bridle, he has his mouth closed he gets white ”foam” immediately, he does not protest and he is comfartable and relaxed, on top of that it is soo gourgeous, the best combination. The saddlepads are designed without the annoying flaps in the front, instead PS of Sweden has made a thicker front, not to talk about the design it is just so fashionista all the way.

Then they started with equipment for riders and I have had the opportunity to try it out. My favourite breeches are the Robyn, they are soo comfortable and the design is on point, they take breeches to the breeches heaven. I wish I would have had one in each colour. I could use them everyday. The jackets are so good, the Greta jacket is my favourite and I actually use it to school almost every day, the function and design again is on point. The Astrid jacket feels so soft against the skin, so comfortable and I have used it both when riding and when I am out running, both works as fine. For me the first priority is to have good functions and solutions, but also to have fashion when riding. It makes me ride better if I have matched Chili and myself, it makes me ride better if we have good feeling in the clothes and material that we wear.

I am soo blessed to be ambassador for PS of Sweden, without that I could not have managed the level of function and fashion that I currently have access to.