Chilis birthday and accuhorsemat 30min usage!

Yesterday, 7 years ago, you were born, a little red beautiful foal was borned, I wish I could have been there, seen you when you first stood up, seen your long legs. You were blessed to be born in a home filled with love and caring, it is what has built the foundation for the trust in humans and the mental stability that you have. I am so glad that I have the good connection with your Breeders and your full history record. It makes me feel confident and I can contact hyour Breeder when I have questions about you and your preferences.

You are neighing, when I come to the stable, if you are in the paddock or in the stable does not matter, we you neigh it goes right into my heart and I get all warm. I love you, unconditionally, I believe in you. I know your qualities and I am soo happy that I got the opportunity to have you as mine. You always try your best. You always want to perform, you have a lot of nerve and you do not like racingcyclist, you like freedom, not being tied up, but you handle that responsibility with golden stars. You always hold the leadrope in your mouth when we are walking, you show that you prefer me, with mum and dad you can discusse more, when others ride you, you do not really approve, but with me you show with all your heart that you appriciate it as much as I do, ofcourse we have disagreements and you are stronger now and put me through some bucking sometimes, but that is part of our journey, it is part of educating a youngster with high potential…. I have choosen you, you have choosen me. I train you with the philosophy that you should find the training fun, I do not use spurs, whip and hard aids to get you to perform, I use the patience, the trust. We will perform, we will reach our objective, because the bond we have is magic. You come when I call, you follow me like a dog, and I feel the full trust between us. It is once in a lifetime that you can find your soulmate, Chili is mine and our journey has just begun. We have the patience, the trust, the believe and one day Chili, we will rock the big arenas, together as the team we are we will enjoy every minute of this journey. For me it is not hard work, for me it is a pleasure.

So how did Chili get his name, Eagle red Chili, well  there was an eagle that circle above his barn the night he was born and the full day after, as if it was keeping an eye on him, he was borned shining red from the beginning, and so the name was decided, Eagle Red Chili.

It is not about getting you to do what I want, it is to get us to do it becasue we want to as a team. We are stronger together. We will celebrate many birthdays together, my beautiful Chili.

We had dressage training yesterday and both myself and Chili got to work hard, we have started to collect him more now, and he thinks it is a bit harder and then he is bucking a bit, but it just when he looses his balance and when he get tired. When he is doing that, I just calmly come down in tror or walk, find the balance and make the excersise once more, he will get it. I never punish him, never, I work with positive aids and means.

Today myself and Chili had muscle fever and soreness from the training yesterday, so he got the accuhorsemat on for 30 minutes. He was a bit stiff in his muscles before and after he was relaxed throughout the back, it is really amazing actually, I wishedI would have had some accuhorsemat to my soar muscles (-:

After that we took a walk outdorr to get the muscles moving a bit, then he got his food and we were ready for today.

Love to you all!

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2 reaktion på “Chilis birthday and accuhorsemat 30min usage!

  1. Soo beautiful written, I would love to sell horses to you, with that heart and the focus I am sure you will succeed


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