Accuhorsemat, does it really work?

That Chili enjoys the usage of accuhorsemat products is clear, he loves it. Sometimes it can be difficult to know if a product really works, if it really makes a difference. I have noticed that Chili has been very relaxed with me in the riding since I started to use accuhorsemat. I have used it everyday since I got it. So has it really been working or would I have felt the same way without using it?

Well, I found out yesterdat that the best way to really know if accuhorsemat product works or not is to remove it one day. Well the day before yesterday I had the most amazing dressage training with Chili, he was soft, relaxed, he did perfect canterwork. Yeah ready for higher level at least. So yesterday I had a bit of a time constrain before riding as the arena was booked later. I then did not use the accuhorsemat and my God, it was crazy, what a difference, not to the better. It was unbelievable. He was stiff in his sides, he was unwilling to take his hindlegs with him fully. Even so much so I eventually jumped off got a long leadrope and longed him to see if he was clean and healthy, he was, but not the feeling that I have had lately. Today II made leadership excercises as well as longingin the paddock.



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