Educating a youngster not always tailwind

So yesterday it was dressage training and it became evident that we have run into our first real headwind with Chilis education. Since I bought Chili it has been a tailwind journey when it comes to the riding. We have built trust and cooperation. We have trained according to the modell. Now lately it has been time not only to ask but to require that he gets his hindlegs in, he bends and he obeys, he has built muscles and got much stronger. What is happening now is that we to come to next level need to push a bit and when Chili gets tired he feels that it is not comfortable he uses the fact that I base my riding on the trust that we have built up. He has never gotten thru and understood the next step, because he has never been there. So he is kicking towards my aids and he is trying to get away from work with using the head up methodology. If you dont know what that is, no problem I did not either. But when Chili do not undertsand he gets frustrated and he puts his head high up, so I can see his nose and then he trots off. Well it is quite nice get way methods that he uses. He is a nice horse, but I beleive that if you push, you need to know that you have the ability to take it through and guide the pony/horse until they understand what you want to achieve with the push. Here I feel that I should not do this part as I am 13 years old and I have never done this part of the jpurney with another horse. It would not be fair to Chili to do that. So I will get help to take this phase thru. There are two alternativs that we are discussing with my trainer. One is to send him to bootcamp, so that he gets a couple weeks education from proffesionals off stable so to say. The other alternative is to use a skilled rider that has done this work many times before and knows how to guide Chili, and to do that on stable so to say.

I see this as a normal part of an education and as we are building for the future we need to make this as easy for Chili as possible. From my perspective a key to be able to educate a youngster is to feel when you need more help. Here I have a fantastic support with my trainer.

So, problems are made to be solved, performance is built on hard work and patience in combination with experience, if you lack someting, make sure to add it!



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