FW18, Chilis education and way forward

Well, I have so many things that is about to happen in the future, so exciting and challenging. I have really had to ask myself what is important and what t I can do without. I will keep you all updated!

So Chilis education, Cilla has done a superjob at bootcamp, I will do all I can to become such a good rider, she has it all. It is amazing to see her ride, perfection, say no more. So poor Chili now have myself and I am not such a good rider, I strive to be a better rider every day, so eventually I will become great. We have some misunderstandings but he has developed great. Now I know that he has the qualities to go the full way to the big arenas, now I know he is sensitive and that he is a kind horse. So what does it mean that Chili is sensitive, well he asks for guidance every step, every second, so if I do not have control over my aids and my signals he will react correctly but the result will be wrong. So now this puts a lot of focus need from my side. So I ride shorter sessions but fully focused, so that I can keep the focus together.

This is a tough challenge for me, educating a youngster, but with my team i feel confident and strengthend.

Chili does not know wht is the right way to react, he listens to me and if I hesitate he will take the leadership, I need to be a great leader and earn his trust.

Yesterday Chili got to try the new FW18 from PS of Sweden, their products are supergreat, I really mean it, function, innovation and stunning apperance all in one. The new browband was absolutely amazing, it made bling go pale…

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